Saturday, November 22, 2008

I just have to say, don't you love my cheep blurry photos? Yes, those are the photos that I tried to put in the free Oprah snapfish book. But I wasn't given the credit so now I am waiting to see if they will cancel my book for me, give me the credit or just charge me full price and say "Too bad for you". Which do you think I am betting on? (not that I bet much.)

Well now I have posted twice in one day I don't have to post again for another year. : )

He thinks he feels like he might ....

Okay, yesterday something happened that is momentous enough to be my first entry.

I will start not from when the momentous thing happened but with a small explanation about my kid. He struggles with reading. By that I mean think of climbing Mt Everest with a hippo, a rhino, an elephant and 22 slippery slimy eels on your back while three easily disturbed wasp nests are tied to each ankle and it is the middle of the night with no moon and thick clouds to block the stars so the only light you have is one of those little key lights which you must hold in your mouth while breathing through a straw kind of struggle. It is not fun for him or I. He does tried it is just not easy.

He has done ok with his reading book this year and as always loved the stories but there was still a lot of bartering about how much he would read and what I would read and when reading would happen. Just something I really dread every day.

So this week he started reading The Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne. I had thought of these books because he loves history and science and magic, but I wanted him to be able to start with the first one so we had to place a request at the library and wait for books 1 and 2. For the first time in his life reading was his first choice to do in school. He had to read one chapter during school and one at bed time. Thursday evening Mike and the kids watched two little friends while the moms went out for a Mom's night. Ben started to feel tired, so while everyone was watching a movie he went and got his book and a book light but he told me he fell asleep before he could read. He was really out.

Then Friday morning the momentous thing happened. Again he chose reading first, but after he read his chapter (number 9 of 10) I told him it was time to do something else. Then he said something I never in my life expected to hear.
He said, "Mom, I think I feel like I might want to read On the way
(That is the name of the last chapter of the book) My kid thinks he might feel like he might want to read more! Completely unbelievable. I of course I told him if he felt that way he could go ahead and read. He reread the last sentence to me twice and said, Mom, that is how it ends." He promptly printed out his patch for the book from Magic Tree and pasted it in his reading passport (thanks Diana for that tip) and started planning when he will read book two, The Knight at Dawn.

Anyway that was long but I am still so excited I am stopping strangers and telling them my son thinks he feels like he might want to read.